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About Bamboo Studio

Steak Salad with a side of Rice on Bamboo Sheath with Bamboo ChopsticksBamboo Studio is dedicated to bringing the best and newest tableware made from highly sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Bamboo Studio disposable products made from Bamboo Sheath, Birch, Palm, and Pine are natural, strong, compostable, and 100% biodegradable.  

Bambooware Salad bowl and Solid Bamboo TongsBamboo Studio's revolutionary Bambooware is a durable alternative to melamine and plastic. Bambooware is commercial dishwasher rated, natural, reusable, and a cost effective replacement to cater to your customers' desire for sustainable business practices.

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Customer Service

Phone: (949) 951-2064
Email: sales@ecobambooware.com

Northeast Sales - Brian Cole

Phone/Text: (401) 641-5421
Email: bcole@ecobambooware.com

Pacific Sales - Danielle Cook

Phone/Text: (949) 356-6143
Email: danielle@ecobambooware.com

Southeast Sales - Anthony Ippolito

Phone/Text: (407) 720-5037
Email: anthony@ecobambooware.com

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